14. May 2020
Bleibe mit deiner Rede in Erinnerung – die Macht der 3
24. May 2020

Speaking award – Danja Bauer won the silver medal at the Toastmasters Eastern-Europe Speaking competition

Yes, I won the silver medal at the Toastmasters EasternEurope District conference Yippiieee.  I am so happy that I came so far with my speech.   After  four rounds (club/area/division/district – level) I became best Austrian speaker with my German speech and second at the district level. So glad that I took the opportunity to go online with my speech. So happy I learned so much in presenting on the digital stage.

Take this opportunity to speak online. You can connect with the whole entire world and this is the greatest gift you get out of that. Spread your words, spread your voice! With my speech “3 magic ways how you master any crisis” I touched many peoples heart with a message which is so crucial in this challenging time:

1️. Don’t stuck in fear. Become and stay positive – do as many things which give you positive energy, surround yourself by positive minded people, avoid bad news, meditate and be grateful.

2️. In every crisis lies great opportunities. One of them now is: go online with all your wisdom and knowledge and help people in the whole world.

3. Every crisis has a gift to offer. What now counts is our health, that the environment is breathing again and helping each other and show compassion. This is a wake-up call for each of us to make this world a heartpowered world!

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