The night of the divas

The glamorous, nostalgic show act for your event

"Beauty and versatility, paired with an excellent voice, make Danja Bauer very special. An absolute must have for your glamorous celebration."

Michael Görner, Restaurant Klimt

Go on a musical journey with the enchanting singer Danja, with the most famous divas of the 30s to 60s

The NIGHT OF THE DIVAS-SHOW is a glamorous, nostalgic show act with the great singer Danja Bauer from Vienna/Austria. Danja is an experienced singer. She sings at various private and corporate events and knows how to enchant her audience.

Elegant and diva-like, singer Danja Bauer enchants the audience with expressive chansons from the past decades. The fantastic singer interprets and performs the diva icons of the 1930s and 1960s, such as Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf and Shirley Bassey, and also tells one or the other farce from their lives. Danja Bauer convinces with first-class singing and sympathetically fresh contact with the audience. An absolute "must-have seen" for fans of the 1930s and 1960s, suitable for exclusive company and anniversary celebrations.

This show act can also be well embedded in a multi-course dinner.

Perfect for:
exclusive corporate parties
exclusive anniversary celebration
dinner shows
gala events
theme nights

Approx. 20-90 minutes, embedded in a multi-course dinner or as a separate show act

Singer Danja works with professional half-playbacks and light and sound technicians and, if desired, with a piano player or live band.

A separate room for changing the various stage costumes is a prerequisite


Porsche, T-Mobile, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, LG, Gerry Weber, Hilton, NH Hotel, Oracle, NÖ Landesausstellung, Hotel Madeleine Ischgl, Hotel zur schönen Aussicht in Hochsölden und viele private Feiern und Jubilare, u.v.m.

What others say...


Beauty and versatility, paired with an excellent voice, make Danja Bauer very special. An absolute must have for your glamorous celebration.


Danja knows how to address her audience during dinner with her diva show unobtrusively. She shows sensitivity. I immediately thought I wanted to upgrade our Gerry Weber fashion show with her as a singer and presenter.


Danja and her diva show were the wonderful highlight for my 80th birthday. I was moved to tears when she sang the song Lilly Marleen by Marlene Dietrich. She inspired me and my guests to sing along. It was a beautiful moment that I will remember forever.

Erich schranz

It is a pleasure to watch and listen to how Danja interprets the various divas of yesterday and brings them to life. + The interesting stories of the Grandes Dames make this show a unique experience



Demonstrative Song-Chois
(can be changed and expanded any time)

Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt – Marlene Dietrich
Lili Marleen – Marlene Dietrich
Ich bin die fesche Lola – Marlene Dietrich

Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein - Zarah Leander
Ich weiß, es wird einmal ein Wunder geschehn – Zarah Leander

Hey Big Spender – Shirley Bassey
Goldfinger – Shirley Bassey
Diamonds are forever – Shirley Bassey

New York New York – Liza Minelli
Cabaret – Liza Minelli

Diamonds are a girls best friend – Marilyn Monroe
I wanna be loved by you – Marilyn Monroe
My heart belongs to Daddy – Marilyn Monroe

Für mich soll’s rote Rosen regnen – Hildegard Knef

I just wanna make love to you – Etta James
At last – Etta James

Je ne regrette rien - Edith Piaf
La vie en rose – Edith Piaf
Milord – Edith Piaf

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Danja bauer Sängerin Wien. Moderatorin für die beste Moderation in Wien und Niederösterreich (NÖ). Danja Bauer solo oder mit Band.Musik für Hochzeit, Taufe, Party. Die Partyband in Wien und Umgebung mit Danja Bauer.Hochzeitsmusik von und mit Danja Bauer, der Sängerin, Sprecherin und Moderatorin in Wien und Niederösterreich. Entertainment at it's best.