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27. July 2020
Die Präsentations-geheimnisse
27. August 2020



English translation:

Presenting in virtual times:

How you look really good online


Speaking in front of an audience via online media is currently one of the most powerful disciplines for attracting customers. Suddenly everyone does it. But not everyone is convincing. Read here which 3 measures make you irresistible online.


Video conferences and thus online appearances are now more important than ever. Talking time at online specialist conferences, your own videos or webinars – all of these are digital stages on which you as a speaker can present yourself and your expertise to other people, build trust and win clients. How can this be done best? By paying particular attention to 3 things: technical requirement, emotions and interactivity.  


Against the sleeping pill factor


We all know online lectures that we don’t really want to follow. Monotonous voices, presentation slides rich in text – with each word of the speaker we sink deeper into the chair. We are also familiar with online lectures that we cannot even follow because the lecturer’s technology makes them invisible or inaudible. Paying attention to the technical requirements, such as a stable internet connection and sound and image in good quality, pays off. The rest is a touch of interactivity, engaging your audience. And of course emotions that are the shortest way to get your audience’s attention. You will be remembered positively with lively and refreshing lectures.


Inspire better noticeably  

What applies to good feature films and music also works transferably for outstanding presentations: those who arouse emotions and curiosity in the audience get attention.  Ask yourself what inspires you about your topic and let your audience share in it! Only feeling emotions enables you to trigger others. What else arouses emotions? A pleasant, varied voice and your presentation e.g. enriched with pictures and exciting stories.  


Yes, it works – with a little practice, financial data and other facts and figures can be packed into stories. Small changes to your presentation style are often enough to make you stand out from the crowd.   


Presentation professionals can help you with this: with individual presentation coaching or training for your entire company.  


The specialist author:

Danja Bauer

With 25 years of expertise as a singer, presenter and speaker on national and international stages, Danja Bauer is an expert in voice training and engaging presentation. Danja Bauer helps entrepreneurs, business owners and experts to become enthusiastic speakers. She shares her extensive knowledge in coachings, workshops and keynote speeches.

Contact details: info@danjabauer.com, www.melodyspeaker.com.

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